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Frequent Flyers Bonuses first went online in February 2005 and is intended for travelling audiences from around the world. is part of the Frequent Flyer Bonuses Group which has been serving the frequent flyer and general travelling public since 2001 and consists of four different travel related websites. has high converting traffic, as we are a destination website for people who are ready to book travel but want to find a bonus offer before they do.

Past and present advertisers include Capital One Canada,, InterContinental Hotels Group, LoyLogic,, Great Canadian Rebates and Starwood Hotels & Resorts

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Frequent Flyer Bonues–
55,000+ Unique Visitors 120,000+ Unique Page Views

Some stats from our latest survey:
- Nearly 71% of the visitors are between the ages of 31-60
- Over 69% have graduated from college/university
- Over 50% have an annual pre-tax income of at least $50,000
- Nearly 69% consider themselves frequent flyer or guests or both
- Half of our visitors have taken advantage of an offer posted on the website
- 63% visit at least 2-3 times per month

Further details about the website can be found in our downloads below.

Traffic to is growing on average by about 5-10% per month. consistently scores in the top 10 results for hundreds of travel search words and phrases on Google, Bing, Yahoo and numerous other search engines.

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