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Bonus Points: The Secret To Supercharging Rewards Programs  

Calgary, AB September 17, 2013 -- For airports across the U.S., September marks the return of the business traveler. Gone are the swarms of vacationing families that make July and August the busiest travel period of the year. As Hawaiian shirts and sandals get traded in for power suits and fine Italian footwear, frequent travelers look to restock their treasure trove of reward points. After all, the billions worth of reward points and miles doled out each year funded significant portions of those summer getaways.

And while most frequent travelers rely on the standard offers earned on flight and hotel bookings, many would be surprised to learn the number of rewards left on the table each year in the form of unclaimed bonus points.

According to loyalty marketing research firm Colloquy, of the $48 billion worth of points and miles issued annually in the U.S., as much as 40 per cent are made up of bonus points.

“While impressive, the number could be twice as high if more frequent travelers took advantage of the bonus points available through reward programs” said Patrick Sojka, founder of FrequentFlyerBonuses.com. “The challenge is many of these bonus offers have limitations, are difficult to find or hard to remember particularly when they appear in the form of an ill-timed email alert.”

By definition, bonus points are an enticement tool offered by reward programs in the form of limited or one-time deals. These offers often allow members to earn extra points by booking on a specific date or choosing a particular partner.

“Think of them as the ‘on sale’ items a fashion retailer might promote to drive store visits,” added Sojka. “They’re only great deals if you’re aware and take advantage of them.”

For more than eight years FrequentFlyerBonuses.com has been tracking the bonus offers for all the major reward programs around the globe and presenting the information to users in a free, simple to use format. Using a combination of web search techniques and tracking e-mail alerts, the company provides frequent travelers with a one-stop source for maximizing their earning potential.
“For those looking to supercharge their earning potential the message is clear; before you book your next trip, bookmark frequentflyerbonuses.com and check out the hundreds of bonus offers posted each week. It could be the difference between taking the family on a day trip to Wally World versus a two week excursion to the exotic shores of Maui, Hawaii.”


About FrequentFlyerBonuses.com:
Launched in 2005, FrequentFlyerBonsues.com is the world’s largest resource of frequent traveler loyalty promotions. Updated daily, the website features bonus offers and other loyalty promotions for over 160 Airline, Hotel and Credit Card reward programs from around the world. 

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